ESPN Bows to the Bronx

They’re at it again.  Just over a week into the season and ESPN is already showing their blatant worship of the Yankees.  In their latest power rankings,, posted yesterday morning the Yanks at 4-4, (now 4-5) are holding down the second spot behind the Mets.  Now I know these rankings are generally complete **** and there are certainly other problems with the rankings like how the Mets are ranked first after losing two of three to the first place Braves, but seriously, how does ESPN call itself credible sports journalism when it publishes this garbage.  So far the Yanks have played three games each against the Rays, O’s and Twins.   Four wins, two healthy starters and a team ERA ranking 23rd in the league.  A-Rod’s on fire, so what-they have four wins.  ESPN-the People Magazine of Sports Reporting.


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