Media Playing Favorites

I don’t get it.  Jason Giambi comes out and says MLB shouldn’t have turned a blind eye to steroids, the players, the owners and the league itself.  He says the fans deserve an apology from all the offending parties and the press is taking him to task.  Isn’t this the same press that time and again has asked for the players to come clean, and accused the owners and the league of ignoring the problem and counting their millions reaped from record-breaking crowds and lucrative TV deals.  What a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. 

Sure, Giambi was on the juice and now there are rumors he’s used greenies.  The guy wants to begin clearing his conscience and now we villify him for it.  If he calls out specific people, the media will call him a gutless sellout.  So he doesn’t and they criticize him for that.  Give me a break.  The man is never supposed to speak on the topic again?  What if the quote had come from Mark McGwire or Curt Schilling?   I have no doubt the media would have cheered McGwire for "coming clean"  and Schilling for being the "pulse of fans."  But not Giambi.    Only the media and their favorite players are allowed to be candid on steroids.


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    Here’s a question for you?

    Why are the same people who vehemently voted against McGwire for the Hall now talking about voting Sosa in??

    It’s solely because Sosa “can’t” speak english. He pussed out at the congressional hearings, as did McGwire, but Sosa played the language card, so he didn’t look as bad as McGwire.

    Point #1 McGwire hit 49 HRs his rookie year, pre-juice. McGwire did his juicing after he was good. Sosa had to juice to be good. Huge difference.

    Point #2 Does everyone just forget about Sosa corking his bat a few years ago?

    Anyone who didn’t vote for Big Mac but tries to vote for Sosa should have their hall of fame voting rights revoked.

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